Cat wheels with a unique Design |
open design made of wood

Cat wheel in open design with a unique Design and entry way from both sides.

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Description Cat Wheel

About this Eyecatcher

Open cat wheel from wood, to help Your four-legged friends to stay healthy and fit.

In addition, the wheel is a real eye-catcher, thanks to the streamlined Design and building concept thought.

The cat wheel is perfectly integrated into the existing living room and acts more like a modern piece of furniture.

Due to the open construction of the animal is possible from both sides of the entry and exit  to cope.

Every Cat runner is designed in a loving hand in the home workshop, designed, and built.

The puzzle-like construction allows for simple and trouble-free  (De-) Mounting, if you want to keep the wheel once to save space. 

Each wheel is made from birch plywood and beech wood.

It is important for us to use and not a cheap plastic. Thus, a natural and sustainable raw materials, we mainly use, which we obtain from local dealers. 

The wooden surfaces of the wheels are one-sided (stained face side) and finely sanded. 20 built-in wheels ensure a quiet and safe operation, even if it should be rough.

Product dimensions:

120 cm variant:

  • Outer diameter: 120 cm
  • Inner diameter (tread): ca 104 cm
  • Total height of the existing impeller: 124 cm
  • Total depth including base plate: 39 cm
  • Overall width: 120 cm
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Width of tread: 24 cm


140 cm variant:

  • Outer diameter: 140 cm
  • Inner diameter (tread): approx 122 cm
  • Total height of the existing impeller: 144 cm
  • Total depth including base plate: 44 cm
  • Overall width: 140 cm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Width of tread: 30 cm

Available as a kit or fully assembled?

The wheel is designed as a kit. All parts and screws are included in the package.

For installation, only a screwdriver and a carpet knife is needed. The building as a kit and does not need to be spared. 

Anyone who is still skeptical, for it is in the Service area of the site, a construction Manual download.

Thus, you can make a concrete picture of how the cat wheel needs to be assembled.


Mounted wheels are shipped via a forwarding company. The shipping charges are always adjusted to the current prices of the shipping company.

Delivery time

As we are a very small company, and our products are made lovingly by hand in the context of an industry, the current delivery time is about 14 to 40 business days.

We are continuously working to provide you your product as quickly as possible. The delivery times are from current stock, the production time and the times of raw materials, supply-dependent.

For that you get at the end of your personal single piece!:)


Which cat breeds, this cat wheel is suitable?

Wheels with a diameter of 120cm are available for the following breeds suitable (small to medium):

  • Bengal, Abyssinian, Somali, Bombay, Persian and similar

Wheels with a diameter of 140cm, are the following breeds are suitable (medium to large):

  • Maine Coon, Norwegian forest cat, Ragdoll, Bengal, British short hair and similar


Shown colors may vary from the Original.



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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 130 cm

120 cm, 140 cm


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